Hi There.
I’m Nick French.

Based in:
Cincinnati, OH
Detroit, MI

Favorite Color:
Whatever yours is, I guess. Hire me now?

P:    (513) 356-5714
E:    Nickfrenchh@gmail.com


It’s nice to meet you.

I'm Nick, a freelance graphic designer based in Detroit with a nack for thoughtful, thorough design. This heightened and measured design strategy serves as the heart of Studio Notch.

Studio Notch is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio. We specialize in Communication Design, Logos & Branding, and Web Design. On top of this, through this studio, independent freelancing, and my several previous jobs at small graphic design & printing shops I have extensive experience in Audio Engineering, Print Design, and 2D Motion Graphics.

Here’s my resume.

Projects ︎
Property of Nicholas French at Studio Notch
Cincinnati - Detroit / 2022.